What did birds say to Francis of Assisi?

theatre performance


Is there any way to really get in contact with an animal? And why? Is there really a way to abandon anthropocentric view of the world or, at best, we are merely capable of only creating an illusion of that? Is our strive to get closer the Other more than just an illustrative example of wishful thinking? This site-specific performance does not attempt to provide even remotely definitive answers to these questions, but makes the audience experience the urgent need to search for them by putting them in a situation of disturbing vicinity both to the wild animals themselves (birds like hawks, owls, etc.) and to the very impossibility of crossing a certain boundary between any two living creatures. Organized in collaboration with Moscow sanctuary for birds of prey.

Texts used for performance and inspiration:
Little Flowers of St. Francis

Made in collaboration with Vsevolod Lisovskiy,
and others