Meetings. Episode 1


First Prize (Golden Taiga) at the “Spirit of Fire” Film Festival 

number one experimental film festival in Russia

Nominated for the first prize
at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

number one experimental film festival in the world

A girl suddenly discovers, with the help of black magic and contemporary philosophy of speculative realism, a whole new world where the lacanian metaphor saying that things "look back at us after we lay our gaze on them" becomes rather literal.  She starts hearing various objects at home speaking to each other and, at some point, gets involved into these conversations herself. Gradually, small talks develop into relationships, and relationships lead to discoveries of the inner self and the nature of object-oriented, as well as, anthropo- and ego-centric world.

Texts used for performance and inspiration:
Speculative Realism: An Introduction by Graham Harman

Made in collaboration with Kseniia Makshantceva