A Lover's Discourse: Fragments

theatre performance

This performance is based on two concurrent and interacting streams. From one side, five performers travel through their memories and past feelings reacting to the randomly narrated fragments of the Barthes' "love's dictionary". They are allowed either to pronounce aloud only small fragments of the inner monologues (their conversations with the past lovers, descriptions of their feelings at different stages of their love stories or of the objects surrounding them at these moments, etc.) or to express themselves in improvised dances according to certain predefined instructions. From another side, we have two actually practicing Lacanian psychoanalytics who are allowed to freely discuss the performers and interact with them. That is not in any way a group public psychoanalytic session, but rather a clash of two world-views on the concept of love: one purely subjective and another rather objective. Though, as long as interactions between "lovers" and "psychoanalytics" get more intense, the audience gets closer to the major questions of the Barthes' book .

Texts used for performance and inspiration:
A Lover's Discourse: Fragments by Roland Barthes
Made in collaboration with Vsevolod Lisovskiy,
Taras Burnashev,
Maria Manich, Nikita (Jeanne Marie),
Nu Simakina,
Zalina Kantemirova,
Lucien Lubimova