The Investigation

theatre performance


Thisis an immersive and interactive performance inspired by the philosophical aspects of relations between humans and animals. Produced and played at the stage of one the major Russian theaters (Meyerhold center), this 3-hour performance presents three detectives investigating some case with different animals becoming suspects of the crime that is never openly and clearly mentioned. One detective is always silent and we may observe her investigation process only since her desktop screen is projected onto the wall. The two other detectives are, on the contrary, quite talkative. The script of their performance is based on a number of texts mentioned below, which they either discuss as "evidence" of the mysterious crimes they investigate, or these texts are transformed into their dialogues directly. Besides, all detectives get into constant conversations with the audience, which they regard either as their companions, or as witnesses, depending on the stage of the performance. So, the performance is a mix of scripted dialogues, improvisations and conversations with the audience.

Texts used for performance and inspiration:
What Is It Like to Be a Bat? by Thomas Nagel
An Apology for Raymond Sebond by Michel de Montaigne
The Animal That Therefore I Am by Jacques Derrida
The Man of Our Century by Elias Canetti
The Sudden Walk by Franz Kafka
Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution by Peter Kropotkin
as well as quotes from Borges, Deleuze, encyclopedias of animals, scientific articles on the affect of COVID-19 on the human-animals relations,
and other sources, including 20+ of web-sites related to animals to a certain extent
Made in collaboration with Marie Patsyuk, Evgeniy Zaytsev, Nikolai Mulakov, Nikita Yuskov,
Ted Kokorev

Created as an independent part in the scope of the "Underscore" (Blackbox lab) project.